Our outdoor patio can host approximately 100-150 guests


Directly inside this serene patio is a library, which can be used to host cocktail hour, a conference room, which can be used for food service, and a couple of different locations available on site for a bridal suite. 


When you book with The Event Center at St. Clare, we include the use of our kitchen, round tables, and chairs. 

Description of space

The Event Center at St. Clare is a beautiful, relaxing space just west of Santa Clara University. This beautiful patio and contemplative park setting has been used for years by authors, writers, and religious people to find a peaceful getaway in which they could enjoy nature and the peaceful surroundings of the patio/grassy knoll. We now welcome you to experience this getaway feel for your next important event!

Serene patio setting accentuates the beauty of the historic parish building making it the perfect place to host your upcoming event

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The Event Center at St Clare

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    Compant Picnic

    Bridal/Baby Shower

    Family Gathering